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I came to Barkingside escorts to escape an abusive relationship

Why I Joined Barkingside Escorts

When I came out of an abusive relationship, I simply did no know what to do. I had not worked for a couple of years because my boyfriend did not want me to. When we finally split up, I thought I would have lots of support, but that is not the way things turned down. One of my best friends from years ago suggested that I get a job for an escort agency. What I had not known was that she had been working for cheap Barkingside escorts for a long time.  

I was a bit taken back at first. To be honest, I was not sure that working for Barkingside escorts was for me. But, I was desperate for money and my family was not supporting me at all. My parents had not been very well and they were not really in a position to help me emotionally or financially. I soon realised that I had to help myself.

Getting Away Thanks to cheap Barkingside Escorts

Fortunately, I had been able to find a refuse in London. But, I knew that my time there was limited and that I needed to move on quickly. One of the girls at the escort agency in Barkingside helped to find somewhere to live. It was only a room in a shared flat but it was away from my abusive boyfriend. A week later I started to work for cheap Barkingside escorts.

At first, I found working for Barkingside escorts really challenging. I had never worked at night before and that felt weird to me. But, it did not take me long to get used to working late. I was a bit worried that the gentlemen I was going to be dating were going to be abusive to me, but they were okay. Some of them were really nice and I felt comfortable in their company.

Coming Out of An Abusive Relationship is a Challenge

The guy who owned cheap Barkingside escorts also realised that I had a hard time personally. He cut me lots of slack and gave me extra days off. Fortunately, I soon got used to working the long hours you need to work when you are new escorting. I started to build up a clientele and most gentlemen that I had met started to come back to me.  The money was coming in as well and that made me feel a lot better about things.

When I had been with Barkingside escorts for about six months, I had enough money to move out of the little room I was renting. I managed to find a small studio flat in the local Barkingside area. It was great and I can only describe it as finding a sanctuary. I was loving my new life and I did enjoy working for Barkingside escorts.

I have now been with Barkingside escorts for two years and I have never looked back. It is a complete lifestyle change. My ex-boyfriend has never been able to find me. It feels like it has been like a complete brand new start for me. I never thought that I would end up working for an escort agency in London, but I am glad that I came across cheap Barkingside escorts. The girls are a great bunch and I finally feel that I am beginning to move on with my life.

What are my future plans? I certainly plan on carrying on working for Barkingside escorts. Recently I developed a close relationship with the owner of the escort agency, and we have started to go out with each other. I did not think that I would ever want to spend time living with a man again. But, Alan, the owner of Barkingside escorts, makes me feel different. He has this really sweet personality. What I like about him is that he has accepted me for what I am. He knows that I have had problems but it seems that he can cope with them. 

Not every guy would be happy to take on a girl from an abusive relationship, but it does not seem to bother Alan at all. Perhaps I have finally found the right man for me. 

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